Radiant Recovery for Women is a newly born program at SUN DOOR.  It is an intimate retreat program for women recovering from all manner of behaviours and habits that don't serve.  It offers the healing that comes through Yoga, Meditation, Dharma recovery practices, Creativity, Music, Essential Life Story Sharing, Somatic Experiences, Healing Trauma, and resting in the nourishing lap of Nature.  Radiant Recovery for Women is presented by a collaborative tribe of facilitators that are committed to working with women in establishing and maintaining personal goals of thriving and healing on the sacred path of recovery.

The retreats are held over a three night weekend and singularily focus on one aspect or theme of recovery.



Radiant Recovery for Women Retreats 2020


Summer Solstice for Women seeking Balance

June 18 - 21

With Diane Smith and Tracey Cook


This retreat is for calming down the Sympathetic Nervous System and discovering a personal source of stillness and connection with Nature that will bring balance to a very busy, sometimes frenetic life.  We find this through Somasana, a combined practice of Somatics and Yoga Asana, deep relaxation and connecting with the Five Elements of nature within and around us. It often takes ‘time out of time’ to access this stillness, which lives at the center of our being and our doing.  We’ll practice and develop ways to return to this replenishing stillness in any moment of a full day. We will experience recovery at the speed of nature unfolding around us in June, the month of slow, steady, radiant bloom on Hornby. 


Relax, Reorganize and Restore the body through your Recovery

August 15 - 18

With Diane Smith and Simone Bell


Recovery includes answering the call of the body’s need for deep, somatic relaxation and releasing held tension and entrenched holding patterns.  Through Somasana (Somatics and Yoga Asana), free movement, solo and group practices, we unwind and reorganize the Soma, the living, breathing body that’s always changing and healing. Every Body or Soma wants to naturally heal, release, and experience freedom.  Give it space and it will, through these practices. In this retreat we meet and treat our tissues, joints, bones, natural mobility, and personal body intelligence, with awareness, while bringing in simple and light, playful practices in art and creativity. 


Being Nourished and Giving Thanks

October 1-4

With Diane Smith and Tracey Cook


Food is a complex source of nourishment that we can have issues with, and many of us do.  Eating to be deeply nourished is a gift and a practice, which can be disturbed by stress, beliefs, and emotional experiences.  In this retreat we gently peel away the layers of our stories with food and eating through practices in Yoga, meditation, play, movement, and of course sharing meals!  We will lighten up our relationship with food by exploring the ways that we cook with passion, consume beyond need, push food away, devour it, measure portions to extent, whip up, labour over, don’t digest, pick at, inhale, daydream about, talk about, don’t talk about and deeply enjoy our nourishing meals.  Giving thanks is honoured during this harvest time of the year.

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