2020 Retreats at SUN DOOR have all been (sadly) suspended during the Covid-19 Global Pandemic. When we resume you are warmly invited to attend.  Dedicated teachers support participants in this beautiful, calm and nourishing environment.  SUN DOOR provides a space for study, practice, retreating, growth and transformation.  Going on a retreat is a time to cocoon, so that we may emerge ready to return to our lives with a fresh perspective. Going on a retreat after the pandemic lock down is a way to connect with yourself on new and with others in what might feel like a whole new world.

I don't have the heart to remove the 2020 Retreat list, keeping the spirit of retreating alive and forward moving.  May you be well and healthy in body, mind and soul, as we move through this unprecedented time of upheaval and change together.  May you find your way to SUN DOOR once the coast is clear and we resume.

We are one with each other and the natural world that supports life.  May all of your practices support this Yogic understanding of reality.  

with love and regard, Diane 

Please visit the individual retreat pages for further information.

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