2020 Retreats at SUN DOOR

May you be well and healthy in body, mind and soul, as we move through this time of upheaval and change together.  We are (indisputably) one with each other and the natural world that supports our very breath and life.  May all of your practices reflect this Yogic wisdom and law of nature.


Summer at SUN DOOR is elongating into an exceptional and blessed autumn, everything is ripening and turning on the vine.  We will be closing the gracious doors mid September for the remainder of the year through til the summer of 2021.  This summer we were able to run three of the ten 2020 retreats well planned and scheduled over the season, and our guests and participants were a tribute to how valuable it is to have the opportunity to retreat as we did, in small, safe numbers. We hope to be free to hold retreats and provide this sanctuary next summer for your practice and well being.

Please stay in touch...with your divine self. I wish you earthly balance and skyward awe meeting and mingling in the home of your heart.

with love and regard, Diane 

Please visit the individual retreat pages for further information.

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