I committed to hosting BEYOND ADDICTION at SUN DOOR during the four part weekend course with

Sat Dharam Kaur in Vancouver in 2014. I knew then that this is the most important work we can be doing…uncovering our negative thought patterns and trauma which without healing will manipulate and habituate us to act and behave with great pains far from our authenticity. I have intimately known substance abuse, co-dependency, socially accepted addictions, and addiction as a great over-arching shadow in a life. Hosting this beneficial and radical program has been a way to honour and spread its efficacy and address this systemic issue. It views addiction as part of the human condition and relies on Kundalini Yoga as the vehicle to healing through it. This effective program deserves its place in all communities.

It was a long haul of preparation that through interruption and circumstance required reassembling a new team to lead this particular 11 day Immersion. We came together fully prepared to serve nine registered participants with Har Sangat and Victoria Potter sharing the lead instructors roles and rotating extra teachers for support. I chose to begin on Labour Day when the island is quiet and exceptionally beautiful and warm after a busy summer of visitors. Upon gathering we thrust ourselves into the work of this profound program, unfolding to each other and our inner selves, naturally unloading childhood experiences that have steered some of us off course from being who we truly are. Starting off with the truth that we are spiritual beings leading a human life was the perfect beginning to unveiling our authentic selves and relaxing into a common need to have and hold personal freedom. The masks that conceal this true expression gracefully slipped away as every day of the retreat unfolded, kindly guiding the process through careful course content. In the revealing I observed innocence, wisdom, humility, forgiveness, honesty and rapture for wellness emerge daily as a growing light seemed to illuminate each woman. Not without discomfort, receiving the rewards of this are a tribute to the program itself and the strength of the human spirit and its call for recovery and health. This appears to be a universal need and in small numbers we certainly served it.

The women in this program were wowed by it and the integrity and devotion of Sat Dharam Kaur’s extensive work in creating it with those that have assisted her over the years with their own dedication. They felt completely held in their process and trusted the individual and collective personal work in the good, brave shala that SUN DOOR is. We worked very hard, rested nicely and ate extremely well while experimenting with the dietary suggestions provided. We were lulled and supported by the exquisite island environment and spurred on to come clean with our behaviors that do not serve ourselves or others. Every day was an adventure with the deepening of friendships and comradery with Self and each other on this blazing trail. We were met by Spirit, the force of Kundalini Yoga put to practice, and cutting edge contemporary thought and understanding about addiction. The sharing of human compassion (so fundamental to healing) infused the group with warmth, acceptance, love and a whole lot of heart felt joy. A wealth of healing took place during this retreat, sending a cadre of women back out into the world to shine lights through those cracks in the darkness.

BEYOND ADDICTION returns to SUN DOOR YOGA on Hornby Island June 14-24/17 and spaces are limited in this wonderful immersion into such a brilliant program on a lovely island. Be welcome to book your spot now for this essential journey to wellness.BEYOND ADDICTION: @ SUN DOOR YOGA on Hornby Island,

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