I’m still wishing us all a decent New Year as we watch the arrival of 2017 send tidal waves of concern around the world. There seems to be a pervasive uncertainty about the divisive and heightening troubles that abound.

I’m leaving for India soon, unsettled with the mounting instability of our world’s order. I remember the Sri Lankan cows who knowingly headed inland just before the big Tsunami hit in 2005, and survived it. My own intuition has me aware of alarming chaotic change as I prepare for this annual Yoga-centered time in India. I am choosing to not head for the hills but venture forth. In the Yoga we’re encouraged to find freedom through recognizing and relinquishing fear, and this current global turbulence we’re witnessing is truly when these practices can be so well integrated. The yogi is meant to fully grasp uncertainty and here lies yet another golden opportunity for practicing a fierce trust in a Divine order. Despite popular belief that Yoga is about hanging out in a blissful bubble (and this does happen from time to time), I’m more enthralled with the reality of how it will lead us into facing the deep dark where the unknown casts shadow, and the mysterious paths of truth we are meant to follow are illuminated. Fears aside, I’m mostly full of curiosity these days.

I came across these Yogic precepts (thank you Bram Levinson) that can be practiced in times of fear and uncertainty, and that help me during my own:

  • How we choose to respond to life is the most important choice we will make

  • It is not helpful to throw around opinions and judgments.

  • We are meant to spend our time cultivating the seeds that will flourish into lasting happiness.

  • Setting an intention to make this moment in time better by infusing it with compassion, generosity, kindness and goodness

  • We must do better than our predecessors did.

  • There is a fraction of a second that exists between stimulus and response, between what instigates fear, sadness or anger and the emotional reaction that it elicits.

  • We must remember that “This too shall pass.”

  • Depersonalizing the narrative that is unfolding and affecting us is essential to seeing events as they are and not how we fear they may be.

Breathe deeply, love yourself and one another…. and cherish our planet. Om Shanti.

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