Diane Smith

“I consider myself fortunate in many ways to have had the opportunity to be initiated into Yoga by Diane Smith. Her clear instructions, demonstrations, explanations and personal attention speaks volumes of her passionate commitment to Yoga. Her gentle approach and practical guidance has encouraged me to practice Yoga ever after as a way of life for quality living, good health and happiness. The Yoga sessions with her has improved my back and knee pain. They have helped me to understand myself better – both physically and psychologically. Thank you Diane for being such a patient Yoga teacher!”


Bhaarati Silawal-Giri, Kathmandu, Nepal


"I feel lucky to have found Diane Smith as my yoga teacher in my later life. She is finely tuned to specific individual needs, providing personal support during group sessions. I completely trust her wisdom, experience, and compassionate way of teaching yoga to beginners and advanced practitioners alike."

Rita Thapa, Tewa, Kathmandu, Nepal


Diane has a simple and very motivating teaching style that has led me to engage more proactively in the process of Yoga. I am grateful for her patience and perseverance in effectively teaching Yoga to diverse students in the context of a ten day Yoga retreat.

Susan Rajal, Nepal

I have just completed a ten day Yoga retreat in Katmandu Nepal with Diane as our Yoga teacher. Throughout the course which was tapered to suit all levels of Yoga experience, we focused on Meditation, the Breath, and vital Yoga. Diane as a teacher is unsurpassed. I have been practising Yoga for many years and her ability to treat each member of our group as valued and loved is delightful. We are all different and our bodies show this, her encouragement and depth of knowledge made the classes comfortable, relaxed, informative and fun! Her intrinsic wisdom and love of this ancient practice lifted us all to much needed replenishment of body and soul. Thank you Diane.

Monica, Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia


Kim June Johnson

Kim entered Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation over a decade ago following the birth of her first daughter in an effort to ground herself through a turbulent season of postpartum depression. It became her saving grace, and she has been a devoted practitioner ever since. To formally deepen her practice, she received her 300 HR Kripalu Yoga Teacher’s Training Certificate in 2013. Kim is a cherished yoga teacher within the Hornby Community, facilitating classes with both adults and children. Also a writer and singer-songwriter, Kim’s classes are grounding and meditative, and often incorporate a narrative aesthetic, such as poetry or reflective writing.





Tara is yogi, world citizen heart centered teacher and holistic wellness coach who practices movement, yoga, and dance as a spiritual path. Tara enjoys the  continuous discovery of the energies within and without. For the last decade she has trained and deepened in various forms of yoga, including ashtanga, kundalini, hath, kripalu, raja, and bahkti yoga.  She continuously recommits to following her heart, this has led her to walk away from a 9-5 lifestyle, and to sing, dance, and offer and learn in communities from the east to the west. She has taught yoga for the past seven years from Toronto, to Thailand and beyond to kids as young as 2, and yogis nearly 90! She first discovered Thai Massage seven years ago, and regularly trains with various schools and masters in Thailand. You can find her on Hornby Island during the warm summer months offering yoga and thai massage.To learn more about her offerings visit  www.tarayogaandwellness.com 


My experience with Tara was great,she is a wonderful teacher who leads you through your practice with a calm and sweetness that helps you to connect with your spirit and body. I practiced with Tara for two weeks  during a thai yoga massage course in Thailand, during this time I became much more connected with my body an soul through asana!  

Silvia Sarvano, Italy


Tara is an excellent instructor she is very knowledgeable, always offering options for each asana depending on the varied needs/development of the particular student. She focuses on breathwork and sinking into the asana with a sense of presence. With her calm and reassuring voice, and a grounding presence her classes always left me feeling energized and ready to seize the day! She is an amazing person filled with joy, presence and gratitude. This energy naturally manifests in her classes and in her teachings. I wish she lived closer so I could regularly take her classes!! 

Tim Witting, USA, Yoga Instructor


 A creative being, a creative thinker. Chelka is an intrepid adventurer into life, art, relationships, travel and the world of sound and its potential for healing/facilitating change/increasing self-knowledge. Her introduction to this field came towards the end of her degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine when a friend demonstrated the application of therapeutic tuning forks as an alternative to needles in the stimulation of the acupuncture points and meridian system. This resonated strongly! After a year of incorporating the tuning forks into her acupuncture practice,  she wanted a more complete understanding of how and why they work and therefore attended an intensive training with the Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness in San Francisco.