May you be well in body, mind and spirit, as we move through this time of global upheaval and change together.

Be like the flower, orient yourself to the light, and have a special summer during tender times.


SUN DOOR is closed to public retreats and group classes this summer.

It is open solely for private sessions.


Diane offers private sessions in Yoga, Somatics and Somatic Experiencing (healing trauma) for individuals and families.



Chelka provides immersed Sound Baths on Tuesday evenings @ 7:30 pm, starting July 6.



SOMASANA with Diane

10 week series offered online via Zoom fall, winter and spring.


Soma: The body as a living, breathing, always changing organism.

Somatics:  A field of inquiry into the Soma which focuses on increasing internal awareness to both physical and mental perception of neuro-muscular feedback.  Gentle Somatic movement sequences help to resolve chronically tight muscles and improve overall mobility. Somatics involves mind and body communication by improving the flow of neural pathways in the brain to break old habits such as poor posture and re-educating the body back to its original health.

Yoga: Yoga is an age old discipline for Life, a philosophy and practice to improve or develop one’s inherent power in a balanced manner.  It offers the means to attain complete realization. The literal Sanskrit meaning is ‘to yoke’ the mind with the body, the individual self with collective consciousness, and the spirit with the universe.  Yoga directly heals the fluctuations of the mind and brings balance to living and breathing life. Yoga is thousands of years old and has evolved in its transmissions through the ages, into a time when it is highly needed and utilized in all of it's forms, worldwide, universally.

SOMASANA:  A fusion of Somatics, Yoga Asana and Pranayam. 

It unlocks, unwinds and releases long held postural tension and discomfort with innate, simple natural movements and breathing patterns.

The practice of Somasana unites the mind and body through a neuro-muscular experience and draws consciousness towards the Atman, the self.