While at SUN DOOR, Hornby Island is your oyster! Appreciate the renowned beauty of island beaches and forests. Once you're on Hornby, the rest of the world recedes from view and your time of Yoga begins. The hardest part is leaving, yet after a retreat-vacation like this all the benefits return home with you.


Main House

YOGA-STAY welcomes visitors who are dedicated to a Yoga Retreat-Vacation. The eco-home and secluded caravan-trailers at SUN DOOR accommodate and you are invited to attend Yoga classes, make private use of the Yoga Hall, receive personalized Yoga Therapy with SUN DOOR founder Diane Smith as well as receive additional treatments with local professional bodywork practitioners. Private retreats can be arranged for your personal or group focus. Teachers are warmly welcomed with their students.


The beauty of SUN DOOR is its welcoming simplicity and harmony in an eco-friendly environment. Experience island living in a home and facility that supports your Yoga practice. This cat friendly abode with skylights throughout, forest views, high ceilings, private nooks and bedrooms, and an open kitchen dining living area accomodates three to six.


Main House Accommodation

Shared Bedroom with two single beds


This sweet little 70's caravan by all reports offers the deepest sleeps and contained rest.  It's tucked in the woods close to the Yoga Shala. A double and 3/4 size bed provide either single or shared accommodation between friends.

DSC01291 (1).JPG


This spacious little caravan deeper in the forest provides two double beds for either private or shared accommodations.

DSC01303 (1).JPG


This fifth wheel trailer has been completely transformed for exquisite comfort deep in the woods, offering semi-privacy for a couple and single or shared singles, with one double bed loft and a 3/4 bed in the main area.

DSC01313 (1).JPG
DSC01325 (1).JPG